Getting Car Insurance Through FAJUA

If you live in Florida, you need auto insurance just to get behind the wheel of your car. Operating a car without said insurance will, at the very least, land you with a pricey ticket. But sometimes, it can seem like you don’t have many options. Those who can’t afford car insurance but still need to drive are in luck, however. For them, there is FAJUAIf you are looking for FAJUA Insurance then you can visit and get a free quote.

Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association

FAJUA stands for Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association. Back in February of 1973, it was created through sections 627.351 and 627.311 of the Florida Statutes. It was made with the expressed intent to subsidize auto insurance for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

Target Market

As we mentioned, some people really need to drive their car but simply can’t afford the insurance that goes with it. Many of the people FAJUA is aimed at helping have a history that makes them unattractive clients for insurance companies. However, if they can’t drive, the only alternative is that they’d become burdens on society due to their lack of income. Florida decided the only way to solve this issue was by forming the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association.

One issue to consider, of course, is the risk the state could be taking on by essentially insuring the uninsurable. If they really can’t get insurance because they have a history of such awful driving, do we really want them on the roads at all? Obviously, many other people have issues with paying for other people’s insurance through taxes. However, this law has been on the books for over 4 decades now, so don’t expect it to change much anytime soon.

How It Works

You have to qualify to receive insurance from the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association. And in order to qualify you have to prove you’re an individual who essentially can’t get insured anywhere else or at least not for a reasonable price you could afford.

There are instances where people could certainly afford their own insurance, but tried going through FAJUA anyway so they could get cheaper rates. This is a 3rd degree felony. Section 817.234 of the state statutes recognizes it as such. Obviously, when compared to paying for auto insurance, it’s probably not worth the risk.

Once they prove they qualify, the uninsured is then given a list of insurance providers in the state that the association has approved. These are the only providers someone can go through when using the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association. The association doesn’t themselves insure drivers, after all, they simply act as a means of subsidizing.

So if you live in Florida and are having trouble affording or even finding auto insurance, don’t think you’ve hit a dead end and don’t elect to simply drive without it. Instead, look into the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association. Countless Floridians have used the association’s help in the past to get insured so they can lead normal lives. FAJUA can do the same for you.

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The Importance Of Homeowners Insurance

Why Buy Insurance?


Homeowners insurance is critical for a host of different reasons. Your home is one of your most cherished pieces of property, and requires a sizable investment. You sacrificed a large sum of money in order to achieve an idyllic lifestyle, live independently of a landlord or neighboring apartment tenants, etc. Like all pieces of property, however, your home has a statistical probability of being damaged by an external or internal cause. If you live in the Florida area, you are highly familiar with the realities of tumultuous weather, and the unsightly horrors of hurricanes. For this reason, Florida homeowners insurance from someone like may be a vital necessity. Read below to discover the top ten reasons why you should purchase this type of insurance.


Reasons To Buy Homeowners Insurance


DId you know that mortgage lenders delight in this type of insurance? Furthermore, deferring to this option actually saves you a considerable amount of money. When you fail to purchase this type of insurance, mortgage lenders subject you to a forced policy, which is generally more costly on your behalf. To ensure best results, do not default on your premium payments, as doing so will compromise your insurance coverage and coerce you into a much higher premium.

Florida Homeowners Insurance will also protect you from potential lawsuits. If an individual is injured on your property, you will be liable if you are not adequately covered on the grounds of your insurance policy. This, in turn, can spiral into an extended period of litigation, a lawsuit that could exact a great toll on your financial status.

Occasionally, home are destroyed by fires, natural disaster, etc. The cost associated with replacing an entire home is one that many are unable to afford. For this reason, it is best to invest in this insurance so that if a disaster happens, you will be able to cover it financially and still retain your normal lifestyle. Homeowners insurance as mitigated the worries of many families who have fallen victim to disaster.

In the event that you are injured on the premises of your own property,  you can receive sufficient medical coverage if your property is protected by homeowners insurance. In some instances, the worst physical injuries occur at home, and require surgery, extensive medical care, and long recoveries.

Many people rely on their homes as one of their most valued investments. Investing in insurance actually helps sustain the equity in your home, which refers to the value of your property. For an uninsured home, physical damage will reduce the equity. However, homeowners insurance grants you the capability to preserve your equity, in spite of physical damage. Many homes are subject to damage from natural disasters, which afflicts some geographical regions more than others. In Florida specifically, residents have personally witnessed the horrors associated with hurricanes, and many have lost their homes to natural disasters. This makes insurance all the more critical in terms of giving a family a sense of safety and security in their own home. Another sound reason why you should invest in this insurance is that it protects you from both robbery and theft.